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CNC Stone Engraving Machine

Author: Date:11/27/2011 7:03:44 PM

Stone carving is a reflection of the history of human development, only a stone could be legend years, the arts have been Guer heritage! But the historical development, and time to change everything. First, regardless of the merits of works of art, processing tools has changed, and processing methods changed, and wisdom, toil no longer in play, art has come out as the fog of powder smoke and dust, with a healthy breathing can talk about sculpture and art this is the desire of mankind. But the stone industry, profession on the engraving machine is poorly understood, common traditional processing methods on the number of human beings against another in the end? To explain the following simple terms, so that all the people can read this page know the carving machine processing methods, but also a comprehensive understanding of stone processing and long-term risks.

Workers and the ancient stone carving is now completely different people, the ancient hammer chisel mainly mainly the relative contribution of the powder should be less. Not the same as a modern, all electric grinder or air chisel, at work, generate a large number of dust and noise, these all-pervasive dust masks are not used to wear 10 layers, the throat is still spits out the powder, the nose, the hair, eyes, body up and down the penetration of the powder, the long run, no disease that would be a "saint" that the rest of the most physical person. At the same time, long-term inhalation of a large number of the high percentage of silica dust will inevitably lead to silicosis, pneumoconiosis silicosis is the most serious one, it is like scar formation in the lungs like fibrosis, the normal organization of the lung like a sponge and flexible, The silicosis fibrosis will go to flexibility in non-performing when gas exchange, resulting in tissue hypoxia, severe silicosis, extensive destruction of the organization can further affect the gas exchange and concurrent heart disease. Silicosis usually made in tuberculosis, thus exacerbating the condition from worsening. No obvious early symptoms of silicosis. With the progress of the disease, Jian Gan chest tightness. In the physical examination, generally more difficult to find an exception. When severe emphysema and signs of right heart failure. Each of the workers engaged in stone carving stone saw this article should be to the hospital to check that prevention is the best way to save ourselves.

Stone carving stone in the process also contains one of the greatest hazard is the diamond powder toxic. Ancient people used the assassination attempt on the matter, in the few months of food mixed use, unconsciously killed. As we all know, now do electrical grinding stone is made with diamond powder, but the constant wear and tear during processing of the powder produced a more subtle, but the ingredients and then with powder, pollution into the esophagus into the stomach, made a long time disease is very difficult to cure. Diamond powder and other granite powder to a very fine time will be attracted to the gastrointestinal wall, once the glue is difficult to remove after the passage of time, there will be a variety of stomach problems, mild, such as stomach ulcers, severe stomach will lead to bleeding to death. A result of diamond powder as soon as the rice crust plot attached to film, more and more thick, will be especially strong to not be removed, the end only way to surgery to remove the gastric incision; but even so, prior to the erosion of toxins in the body is also the spread of body would cause the entire system is more or less affected by the gradual decay. Some people may ask: Since there is so much harm, why is no one know? Maybe they never heard of it. However, over the years, like the eggs in the "Sudan", Sanlu milk powder in the "melamine," the Chinese and how many people know, even if there is to know not to tell you, wait until the earthquake as severe as the grief of the tsunami end, people come beginning to understand, come to value these had been ignored the fact that fable to remedy the situation the most appropriate at this time be interpreted, and can begin to realize that of course a good thing can be such a lesson, this price is too Great too. A nation can remedy the situation Can a person's life? Unfortunately, only one life and everyone can not be carved replica of individuals that is forever missed parting.

    China's current economic development is stable prosperity can be hidden behind most of the expense in exchange for the outcome of deep hardships. Misuse of land, destruction of the environment, health, destruction of, the result is only a number of developed countries in foreign countries are no longer allowed production projects. Why did aliens fancy handmade stone products in China, the first is the cheap labor, and the second is something we do not know the seriousness of the consequences. Of workers engaged in stone processing industry in China, tens of millions to sacrifice their health for a little life, income, the result? A young man hard-earned money day and night, without waiting for the old dedication to the suffering of the hospital.

This risked their safety in the work of absorbing powder, should be with the development of the times have changed. First of all workers would like to remind the general engraving, stone engraving machine was born, can improve the quality of life of many stone workers, but the physical investments more than hand power tools, so I think everyone read this article of the stone workers, can recognize stone carving This fully automatic CNC machine equipment, make them aware of their own health risks, you could have this wide repertoire that is highly meritorious; it suffices to save the stone processing industry invited people. Stone Engraving Machine is a very high demand for professional knowledge and specialized equipment, not you see the simple appearance, there are many people believe that stone carving machines and other engraving machines without a difference, or that almost, this is the wrong idea of false . As the old saying: mm difference, the loss of thousands of miles. Here to explain the composition of the original engraving machine: It consists of engraving machine machine bed, electrical circuitry, system control cards, control software, programming design software, each link is not a small one.

CNC engraving machine is a high-precision professional equipment, machinery bed most of the highest value stone engraving machine part, which is the mechanical precision of a normal life and carving base. For the whole machine is the basis of this standard is like a skeleton than a man, car chassis. Do not have professional design of the structure of science can not be good on the manufacturing machines, so that the structure is called decision. Now many domestic advertising engraving machine manufacturers (workshops), many do not understand mechanical expertise, but also do not understand stone of knowledge, patchwork, with such an approach made by a stone engraving machine, can use do? How long can it? The cheap price may make many people on a whim, but you will be a few hundred kilograms a ton of big-ticket items, buying home, but can not use it, had it as a decoration when it is your biggest errors, while even the most inferior engraving machine needs tens of thousand dollars.


According to the survey, the general engraving machine manufacturers mechanical moving parts are purchased with the price of imported high-precision components would certainly be expensive, is also much longer service life relative. But the most important part of the machine bed manufacturers are outside their own processing or purchase of re-processing, but different processing procedures, the manufacturing cost difference of a few times. Roughing and finishing such as grinding machines, so that to grasp the quality must start from the basis. Of course, this is based on the more solid the more weight the better, of course, cost will be multiplied. Select engraving machine to see appearance and structure is very important.

Here the point of buying a complete marble engraving machine workflow program.

Purchase before the sculpture is very important specimen. In selecting stone carving machine, the first thing to pay attention to sources of information, first, in the case found online, and read online content, website design and professional levels, and then called to determine the strength, no power would not be able to ensure quality and services; Second, the case of exhibitions or other channels to get information on the sample, and read more samples of the design and content, as dozens of small factories will not be printed page of the atlas, which requires substantial capital investment, the cost is too high for them. Spotted the first step and then to the company you go to field trips, can you actually processed products, the budget out the cost whether you make money, this is the most important. Of course, many manufacturers to promote their products regardless of the user interests, their own very clear not make money for clients, but it does not need the actual statement to mislead customers, resulting in harm to others-interested. If we say that the use of high cost of processing out of the end of the product price, how to make money. For example, a knife 200, in the end carved in granite on the number of words, in the end can be used long, equivalent to the cost per word how much? Such a calculation, 200 knives simply not buy the machine! The machine in the end one can use for many years! Believe is important that the machine, not the tool, a good machine 3 yuan Qian supplies can be carved more than 100 words. Proofing is a multifaceted understanding of the process, if you want to buy stone carving machine must be in person of view.

The most important pre-sales services, such as pre-sales can not provide a good service after sale, it naturally can not be sure. After you pay a deposit, the manufacturers should be training you how to operate the machine, and processed out of your qualified products, then you get a qualified engraving machine. Of course, I would like to remind you that the training must be to the manufacturers to go for four reasons: first, the novice road, easy to damage the machine in the factory is the most appropriate training, such as the damaged factory trainer only accidents, at least you did not lose ; second, during the training in the factory you can see more real, This is the most important, such as favorable conditions for discovery and to talk about a difference of thousands of miles or engraving is too costly and simply can not make any money, then you can return. Third, the training is valuable tool used by all paid for by the manufacturer, do not you cut off a heartbreaking loss, you can learn to maximize technology; fourth, the manufacturers to provide room and board, why not. If a manufacturer can be done even this pre-sale service, then you do not expect him to thousands of miles away can give you what services.